Making Wine At Home – A Beginners Guide

Making Wine At Home   Introduction Winemaking books offering recipes tend to fall in to one of two categories.  One type of book is that written […]

Campden Tablets – What Are They?

Campden Tablets – What Are They? Campden Tablets are a sulphur-based compound, made of sodium or potassium metabisulphite.  Most frequently they are potassium metabisulphite.  Their use […]

Turbo Cider – What Is It?

Turbo Cider – What Is It? Not to be confused with ‘cheap’ shop bought items in large plastic bottles drunk on a ‘park bench’ when under […]

Short Brewing – What Is It?

Short Brewing We will just use the example of extract kits; and to be quite honest, this is a simple concept and doesn’t warrant loads and […]

Finings – What Are They?

Finings – A ‘Cloudy’ Judgement Call!   What Are Finings? Finings are substances that are usually added at or near the completion of the processing of […]

Pectolase – What Is It?

Pectolase To best understand the benefits of Pectolase, or Pectic Enzyme as it is also known, we need to first understand Pectin. What Is Pectin? Pectin […]

Degassing – What Is It?

What Is Degassing?   Degassing is a process when the fermented wine or wash is ready for fining. When it comes time to stabilize and/or fine […]

How Can I Make Spirits At Home Easily?

Making Spirits With An ‘Air Still’   Most people interested in home distilling never get started because they fail to find a beginner friendly Still. They […]

What Is Lightstruck Or ‘Skunky’ Beer?

Lightstruck Or ‘Skunky’ Beer Lightstruck, or skunked beer as it is commonly known, is a beer with off-aromas and a tainted flavour. Certain compounds in hops, […]